6 ways to maximise profit from your skin treatments

by Nicola Coffield, senior instructor at aromatherapy skincare brand Eve Taylor London

It can be hard to focus on skin treatments when we are unable to perform them with current lockdown in place, but with the restrictions taking their toll on clients' skin we should be using this time to prepare for the big bounce back when we can resume treatments, get their skin fighting fit and rebuild our profits to make up for the deficit.

Here are six steps to maximising profits:

1. Know your products

It’s imperative that you know your full range of skincare inside out to ensure you understand its capabilities and are using everything correctly and economically. Take the current opportunity to complete all online training and webinars that your range offers.

At Eve Taylor, we have a syllabus of comprehensive online training courses for our skincare and body care ranges as well as having webinars live on our group Facebook page, all offered free of charge to our therapists.

2. Review your pricing

If you have not adjusted your pricing for a while, now is the time. There are likely to be changes to your overheads and potentially supplier price increases due to Brexit, so review and calculate all your current costings to ensure you are making a profit from each service you offer and not just covering costs.

If you have enriched your skills, you need to charge for extended knowledge. 

3. Build treatment plans for your clients 

Think of your regular clients – which treatments do they book in for and are they still appropriate for their needs? Take time now to think about each client and what service plan you can make for them.

Develop a bespoke and unique treatment plan for each client by getting in contact now. Do a virtual consultation to establish their concerns and plan a bespoke package for when you reopen.

4. Add Value rather than discount

Instead of discounting the treatment plan, incentivise clients by adding value and providing homecare products to use between treatments, all of which is built into the overall cost.

This is seen as great value by the client and you know they are using your prescribed skincare to see ongoing results. Skin concerns will be resolved more quickly and this will boost your credibility.

5. Remember to upsell

Make the most of all the additional training you have completed over lockdown. Learning about LED, ultrasonic therapy devices, Gua sha or facial reflexology are all skills you have undertaken and your new knowledge should be put into practice as soon as possible.

Upsell your treatment courses by offering these new services as an add-on at a small cost; you can reap financial rewards from your enrichment whilst you are still finding your feet with it.

Start sowing the seeds to your client now; post interesting facts about these services on your social media platforms, describe the benefits and effects, then when your clients are calling to book, talk them up and get these additional services added for a fee, instantly improving your profit per hour. 

6. Don’t wait; start making profit right now

Offer your clients services online such as skincare consultations. It can be beneficial to do this as a charged service but then if they buy a specific value of retail they can get the cost of their consultation back; therefore, it becomes free to them.

Alternatively, you could do skincare classes online, such as a DIY facial night where you join a group of people online and talk them through performing a facial on themselves. This can work well with a facial box they also buy from you.

This could also be done for parties such as a baby showers or hen dos, all at a chargeable rate allowing you to support your business and its profit right now. 

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