4 rules when updating your salon’s branding

It’s important to create a brand that makes you stand out and is consistent across your social media, website, newsletters and more. When I look at other businesses, I will be totally sold by their branding first, then the products and ethos. 

The key to creating a memorable brand is to think big and be confident in your choices, even if you’re a one man band. Leaders will always lead, followers will get left behind.

When thinking about rebranding your salon branding, these are the four basic factors to consider:

1. Branding gets dated very quickly

Although it’s important to still feel the same, a refresh is important. For example, Coca-Cola uses the same logo but has changed the feel of its overall branding quite a lot over the years to stay modern and current. You need a refresh every few years. 

2. You need to make an investment to get it right

I spent £15,000 on an updated logo, new website, brochures, gift vouchers, etc. It gave the salon a professional image – we really looked the part and people wanted to visit. Although you don’t have to spend as much as that, you do need some sort of a budget. You may think branding doesn’t earn you money, but it does – it gets people through your door. You may have £10,000 worth of stock sat on your retail shelves, but if you’re not offering anything different to another salon then why will they come to you. 

3. Do people know it’s you?

Could clients look at your Instagram and say that’s your salon without looking at your name? Think of one sentence that defies who you are and stick to it, using that slogan as your core message. Try to avoid stock images from suppliers and generic photo websites for your branding, as original pictures are better, and use one filter on all your posts on social media for consistency.

4. Be inspired by other salons but don’t copy them

What works for one won’t work for all. What will work for you is your personality, creativity and passion. Be sure to remember the basics though. To be the best and most memorable salon in your city, you need a good-looking website with your price list on, contact details, treatment menu and social handles, but all in a colour scheme, font and design that screams you. 

Kelly Hooper is director of The Barn in Somerset and a PB Influencer, providing feedback via focus groups. 

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