5 interior design trends to try in your spa this year

Published 08th Jan 2020 by PB Admin
5 interior design trends to try in your spa this year

Thinking about refurbishing your spa? With the arrival of the New Year, take note of the latest spa design and interior trends for 2020, from natural pools and statement tiles to use of raw materials. 

“We’re witnessing a shift within luxury spa design away from formal and minimalist, towards those that have ‘heart and soul’, which are about comfort, relaxation and reconnecting with nature,” says Beverley Bayes, creative director at Sparcstudio. What’s more, Pinterest has also announced the trends that will affect the spa industry in 2020.

 5 big spa interior design trends for 2020:

1. Laid-back luxury

No longer are plush or extravagant materials a signpost of a luxury spa experience. “The use of natural and raw materials will become more commonplace as spas aim to recreate the kind of ‘barefoot luxury’ that guests experience on luxury, island resorts,” explains Bayes. 

“The design style will reflect this ethos with the use of marbles in a honed finish, rather than the highly polished Calacatta marble, end grain timbers, green slate and terracotta tiles,” she says. 

Bayes explains that the emphasis is now on handmade and locally sourced materials, artwork and furniture. “New luxury is about nurture and care,” she says. 

2. Natural pools

With the rise of wild swimming, natural pools offer guests a sense of freedom and escapism, says Bayes: “These fresh water, naturally filtered pools and ponds are set to become an essential element for any forwarding thinking, eco-conscious spa developer.”

While they are a key feature for guests to share on social media, Bayes explains that they are eco-conscious too. “Instagrammable? Yes, but they are friendly to the environment and a unique spa experience for all guests keen to embrace the outdoors,” she says.

3. Statement tiles

While mosaic tiles are notorious for maintenance issues, larger tiles are far more spa appropriate, says Bayes: “The use of mosaics has a long history in the spa world, but they are fraught with maintenance issues. In 2020 and beyond, expect to see the use of more modular, large format tiles,” she says. “Tiles measuring 3m x 1.5m will become the norm, creating a bold look while reducing maintenance problems from grout deterioration, mildew, and general wear and tear.” 

In the year ahead, we can expect to see more statement walls, bespoke motifs and textures created from larger-scale tiling.

4. Concrete walls

“Rendered walls will give spas a new, found freedom for creating organic shapes using modern stone and plaster polished render surfaces, which have the aesthetic properties of traditional materials such as Moroccan tadelakt,” says Bayes.

Concrete may sound austere on paper, but its results can be effective. “In the right setting, contrasted with a contemporary colour palette and styled with natural plants, this can be an effective tool for providing a updated look to a spa,” she says.

5. Hidden light

“Concealed lighting will progressively replace spot and down lighting to give a softer, more integrated look to any spa space. Concealed, full colour spectrum lighting throughout the spa journey offers a soft and subtle ambiance,” says Bayes.

 New technology is also paving the way for experiential lighting too. “Kinetic projections on to floors, walls and ceilings will become more popular as lighting design and technology matures and progresses. LED lighting has revolutionised lighting design so expect to see greater use of linear lighting tape which can be wrapped around organic shapes,” she says.   

 The use of natural light will also be a key lighting trend. “We design our spa journeys specifically to take advantage of natural light and to provide a connection to the natural surroundings,” says Bayes. 

What trends will you be adopting into your business in 2020? Comment below.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 08th Jan 2020

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