The pros of switching to a British brand during Brexit

Published 08th Jan 2020 by PB Admin
The pros of switching to a British brand during Brexit

A new year is upon us – a blank slate to fill our businesses with fresh ideas and ambitions. While many may not want to discuss the elephant in the room – Brexit – you can’t ignore the impact it has had on the UK economy in the past three years. 

No matter what your political view is, the uncertainty of Brexit has influenced spending habits of consumers, increased the costs of many raw ingredients sourced from European partners, created instability with distributors importing products and made a costly need to stockpile inventory in the event of shortages in the future.

With the first stage of Brexit now most likely to be January 31, the end game is still dubious with the next phase of trade negotiations yet to play out. With this ongoing uncertainty, it’s important to protect your business for the long-term future, and against the potential twists and turns ahead, such as an unfavourable deal or even no deal at all.

Using the onset of the New Year to make changes and looking to choose a British brand, such as aromatherapy skincare range Eve Taylor London, can pay dividends for your business. 

Why choose a British beauty brand?

Eve Taylor aromatic serum

The stability of a selecting a British brand will give you certainty of supply, removing the ambiguity of whether your current distributor will be able to maintain consistent inventory in the future, or even continue to supply at all. 

Brands manufactured in Britain benefit from the majority of their raw ingredients being sourced from within the British isles, without the need for importing from other countries and so being able to maintain consistent product supply.

Imagine the distributor of your long-standing product range announcing the discontinuation of the brand in this country due to the challenges of Brexit – this would take away the choice of changing in your own time and force you into a freefall of selecting a new range based on quick availability. 

Selecting a British brand like Eve Taylor also allows for consistent pricing. With products manufactured in the UK, there is little need for external imports, which have experienced an upwards fluctuation of costs based on the unstable exchange rates in the past three years. 

British made products also offer the benefit of parity pricing, giving you confidence for the future without the anxiety of sharp price increases due to potential World Trade Organisation (WTO) tariff charges should they come into action in the event of a no trade deal Brexit.

You can use the opportunity of moving into this new decade to make positive changes for your salon or spa business, and embrace the wonderful opportunities selecting a new brand can make to their client base and bottom line – such as investing in aromatherapy brand Eve Taylor.

Eve Taylor London can benefit your business with natural, affordable, aromatherapy skincare and body care. Just complete our professional registration to receive your introductory pack and a selection of samples. The brand has opening orders to suit business models of all sizes.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 08th Jan 2020

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