6 reasons to be proud of being a beauty therapist

Published 12th May 2022 by PB Admin
6 reasons to be proud of being a beauty therapist

The beauty industry offers more than just treatments, with many therapists building strong relationships with customers. We asked beauty therapists to share their most meaningful client moments.

1. Caring for clients

Natalie Day, manager at Guinot Gerrards Cross in Buckinghamshire, says, “Before Christmas, during the second lockdown, we called our vulnerable clients we hadn’t seen for a while to see how they were doing and coping. 

“We spoke to one lady who lives on her own and hadn’t seen anyone for months because she had to shield before the lockdown – not even leaving her flat. 

“We spent an hour talking, and she said how wonderful it was that someone had taken the time to call her up and not talk solely about Covid-19. 

“It was so touching to hear how grateful she was. Being a beauty therapist is not all about treatments and selling – it’s the relationship and care.”

2. Emotional experiences

“Years ago, I had a client with terminal cancer come in ahead of going into a hospice a few days later for end-of-life care,” says Jenna Simpson, owner of R & R Permanent Make-Up Studio and Training Academy in Mansfield. 

“She wanted one last pamper. I gave her a facial and foot massage (as advised by her doctor) and she enjoyed it so much that she cried and thanked me.”

Jenna adds, “When she left, I cried my eyes out knowing I was the last person to give her a treatment.”

3. Making a difference

Emma Catchpole, laser therapist and owner of Em-brace Beauty in Rushden, says, “I remember one of my laser clients who had polycystic ovary syndrome came in and cried during her consultation. 

“She was so upset about her facial hair, which covered her face, and you could tell she had no self-confidence as a result. 

“On her third appointment, the girl came bouncing in, all smiles, hair up – my receptionist and I didn’t recognise her!”

This experience isn’t surprising, considering 88% of UK women are self-conscious about hair on their face. 

4. Sharing journeys

Vikki Rock, owner of Temptations Nail and Beauty Studio in Kingswinford, comments, “A regular client who had been given the all-clear from cancer lost her husband suddenly and then was told her cancer had returned during the first lockdown. 

“When we were able to reopen, she was the first client I saw after I isolated ahead of her appointment, and there was just the two of us in the salon. I was able to hold her hand and we talked, cried and laughed.” 

Vikki continues, “We are now sharing her journey once again. This client is such a positive person, and I can’t wait to see her again.”

Spas, salons and therapists that offer treatments for people with cancer can sign up to an international online directory that allows clients to find them. 

5. Inspiring conversations

“I have a 93-year-old client who has come to me for many years to have a manicure, always choosing vibrant reds and pinks, says Wendy Baker, owner of Beau Beauty Studio in Kent. “She drives down to my salon on her motorised scooter. She’s engaging and interesting to listen to, sharing stories from her career as a magistrate. 

“My client always inspires me, reminds me to never give up, and to never stop caring for yourself – you’re never too old to start something new and age should never stop you from doing something you love.” 

6. Trusting relationships

Charlotte Rye, owner of Charlotte Rye Beauty Therapy in Kent, adds, “A client who I had known and treated for a few years confided in me that, at 32, she had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease shortly after the birth of her third child.  

“I felt so privileged that she had shared this with me, even before most of her family, because she had that trust in me. We as beauty therapists are so much more to clients than people realise.”

Do you have an experience with a client which made you proud to be a beauty therapist? Let us know in the comments!

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 12th May 2022

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