6 reasons to invest in your salon’s website

Published 22nd Feb 2018 by PB Admin
6 reasons to invest in your salon’s website

A little TLC goes a long way when it comes to creating a beautifully powerful website, and you’ll be rewarded with a lot more time up your sleeve and money in your pocket.

I get it, you’re flat out, but now is the perfect time to focus on creative projects like your web presence. Sure, it’s going to require a little upfront investment of time and money, but trust me, if you get it right the results will blow your mind and you’ll get all that back 10 times over.

Here’s how to create a drop-dead stunner of a website that’s as hard working as it is good looking…

1. Capture your authentic self

You’re an incredibly talented team, so why would you illustrate your offering with someone else’s photos? Show off your personality, creativity and salon with original photos. It’s so much more compelling than a bunch of stock images and before you tell me you can’t afford it, it really shouldn’t cost the earth. A little online research should be all it takes to find a photographer with a style that complements your own, minus the insane price tag.

2. Be a social starlet

Are you a little insta-obsessed? Is your Facebook out of control? Make sure your website includes links to all your social media channels and vice-versa. Social media is the ideal way to offer a bite-sized taste of your in-salon experience, build a loyal following and tempt people to your website and through your door. So, if you want to be insta-famous, go for gold, it can only help grow your business.

3. Remember that price is nice

Don’t shy away from including pricing on your website. If you’re afraid your price tag is a potential turn-off, think about it like this; by the time a potential client finds your service menu, you’ve already had a chance to suck them in with examples of your fabulous work, which presumably by now is splashed all over your home page and social media. If they’ve come this far and aren’t prepared to pay for your awesomeness, it makes sense to filter them out from the get-go.

4. Take pity on mobile addicts

First impressions don’t just count in real life, they’re essential online too. Here’s a fun fact you might not have known; 50% of website traffic globally comes from a mobile device. So, if you’re not always putting your best foot forward – i.e. if your site isn’t as gorgeous on a smartphone or tablet as it is on a desktop – visitors will probably lose interest before you’ve even had a chance to properly say “hi”.

 5. Give Google some love

Stick with me, I promise not to get all geek-speak on you. The word “algorithm” is enough to make the best of us squirm, but all you really need to know is it’s essential to create a website that your users can, well, use. Google appreciates the small things, like getting rid of broken links and making sure people can find the information they need. Give the relationship a little time and effort, and I promise you’ll end up BFFs. And you know what that means? Your clients can find your website. Winning.

6. Let your clients book online

You’ve built this amazing website and clients are going crazy over it. You’re sorted, right? Hold on there, not so fast. Your guests are probably so gobsmacked by how incredible the whole experience is that they’re absolutely itching to take the next step. For goodness sakes, make it easy for them. Add an online booking button on every page and celebrate with a glass of bubbles as your appointment book fills to the brim.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 22nd Feb 2018

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