Business lessons I wish I had known years ago

Published 12th Feb 2018 by PB Admin
Business lessons I wish I had known years ago

When you already run a successful business, what will take you to the next level? I’ve always had a drive and passion for improving my salon and there’s four things that I wish I had known when I started out – one of them being investing in a sophisticated software management system from Shortcuts.

Here are four essential things I wish I had known years ago:

1. Create your own success

“I always wanted to create my own success. I had a hunger and a drive to create something that no one could take away from me,” says Ward. “I still have the drive to build something strong and meaningful, but for now I’m content with the unparalleled capsule spa experience my husband Richard and I created at Metrospa.”

2. Embrace mobile technology

“Like it or not, your staff are going to have their phone on the shop floor, so you might as well embrace the fact and actually use it to make everyone’s life easier. I think where Shortcuts software management system has been a fantastic success with the team is that they can track their day and keep on top of how they can fill their whitespace all on their mobile phone,” explains Ward. 

Shortcuts software management system

3. Learn to love statistics

“What I like from the software system is the back-end, the statistics. I like to look back and find out if we were up or if we were down and why,” says Ward. “I used to compile all that information by hand and it used to take me hours calculating average bills and how often clients came back. To be able to just log on and see it a glance just makes my life so easy – and I'm all for making my life easy”

4. Keep yourself inspired

“Inspiration can come from many places, but for me it’s just two – music and food. I’m the biggest David Bowie fan and he’s been a massive influence on me. Cooking on the other hand helps me unwind from my day,” adds Ward.

In our exclusive video, Ward reveals how Shortcuts’ software has redefined the way she does business and how it has helped her build on her success. Watch it here. For some information on Shortcuts software management system, click here.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 12th Feb 2018

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