Beauty and hair industry ranks third-highest for women entrepreneurs

The hair and beauty industry has come third in a list of industries with the highest percentage of women entrepreneurs, according to smart current account Tide’s UK Female Entrepreneurship Index

The data, which analysed the industries that have the most female entrepreneurs, found that health and social work had the largest percentage of self-employed women at 74%, followed by households as employers (which encompasses cleaners, babysitters and secretaries) in second place with 69%, the report found. 

In third place came other service activities, which encompasses the hair and beauty industry, with 66.8% of those registered as self-employed women, which equates to 219,000 women. 

The data also looked at which areas in the UK had the highest proportion of female-founders, with Edinburgh and South East Scotland coming out top with 39% of those who are self-employed being female, the report found. 

The North of Tyne combined authority came second with 34.7%, the West of England combined authority third with 34.7%, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough combined authority in fourth with 34.2% and the Aberdeen City Region fifth at 33.5%. 

You can read Tide’s full UK Female Entrepreneurship Index here. 


Top 10 industries with the highest percentage of female entrepreneurs are:

List of top 10 industries for female entrepreneurs 

Lize Haskell, chief administrative officer at Tide, said: “Our research reveals that the number of self-employed women has increased by 148% since 1984, with more than 1.6 million women in self-employment in the UK today. It’s great to see how women have made huge strides in entrepreneurship in recent years, with more female-fronted businesses than ever before.”

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