Benefits of aromatherapy for stress, sleep and anxiety

Published 09th Apr 2021 by PB Admin
Benefits of aromatherapy for stress, sleep and anxiety

We all know that poor sleep, stress and anxiety are major issues for clients. Tracey Woodward, beauty business expert and entrepreneur, reveals how salons and spas can use essential oils to treat these problems successfully. 

“I think the reason aromatherapy is trending now more than ever before is because there are more people cycling to work, looking for wellness, looking for balance, and people are prioritising their health,” says Woodward.

“They are looking for ways to sleep better and find calm and balance, and actually as soon as you take a product off the shelf to change how you feel you own the next step. With aromatherapy, what you smell is what you need.”

How do essential oils work?

“Essential oils go straight into your olfactory system through sense of smell, so inhaling them through the soft tissue. They are clinically proven to change how you feel for six to eight hours, so whether it be a calming, energising, soothing or comforting product – there are lots of different essential oils,” says Woodward. 

“It’s ok to admit that you can’t sleep well. It’s ok to say you're stressed. Years ago, we used to say we were stressed because it was a sign of success, now we know we need to take control of it and look after our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing through the power of aromatherapy.”

Woodward’s advice on treating poor-quality sleep

“If you were looking at individual oils to sleep, you would be looking at the vetiver, the chamomile and lavender,” she says.

Woodward’s advice on treating stress and anxiety

“For focus its Frankincense, for destressing the mind as a singular ingredient. If you’re looking to take advice on singular notes, smell them and go on that sensory journey, don't look at what they are called. What clients need is someone to pull it all together for them,” she explains.

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PB Admin

Published 09th Apr 2021

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