CPD: Getting it right for your therapists

Published 19th Jun 2018 by PB Admin
CPD: Getting it right for your therapists

With therapist retention being a top priority for many salon owners, knowing how to communicate with and encourage staff is crucial.

“It’s really important to have continual and consistent on going feedback. I think that communication is absolutely essential,” says Fiona Fowley, director of PB Award-winning salon group Zen Lifestyle.

In this video, Fowley explains how communication plays a key part in reaching your salon goals.

Three tips, Fiona Fowley recommends for incorporating CPD into your salons routine:

Give on going feedback

 “The girls really soak up any feedback and it really encourages them and pushes them to feel motivated, try harder and really give it their all,” explains Fowley. “We do regular one to ones which aren’t necessarily scheduled - it might just be once every week or every two weeks, the manager might grab them for a wee catch up.”

Recognise hard work

 “We give them a lot of recognition in regular staff meetings,” says Fowley. “We have a regular staff newsletter and a Facebook group where we share positive feedback.”

Set aside time for structured reviews

“On a more formal structure we do reviews as well, based on the therapist presenting their figures to us about how they’ve been getting on,” Fowley explains. “We try and encourage the therapists to set their own minimum requirement rather than us telling them. That way if they’re committing to it, its more realistic as well.”


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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 19th Jun 2018

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