Germaine de Capuccini distributor develops retail incentive app for therapists

Germaine de Capuccini UK distributor Totally UK has developed a website and mobile app to encourage proactive and successful retailing from therapists.

Created as an answer to the constant dilemma of how to increase therapists’ retailing results, the app sets 6-8 time-based challenges at any one time and offers therapists rewards for completing them.

Once the therapist registers they can choose which challenges to accept. When a product relating to the challenge is sold, they enter a number into the app and when the target is reached the therapist is rewarded with a cash amount, which is stored on their account until they want to redeem it against a product purchase.

To prevent therapsists holding off making a sale until they can be rewarded by a challenge, the app doesn’t alert the user when challenges are coming up. There’s also the option to complete the challenge twice if time remains since accepting it initially.

Carole Jones, managing director at Totally UK, said: “ We like to think out of the box and we are extremely fortunate to have a really dynamic group of staff able to design & create anything – always with the objective of increasing our client’s business with them and in the most innovative way, we really have to work smarter to encourage the end consumer to purchase from their therapist and not from the supermarket”.