Guest blog: the difference between your business thriving and surviving

John Grisby, PB North seminar speaker and managing partner at DNA Performance, on applying a structure and process in your business that will help your salon outperform its competitors. 

You might know the key things about running a successful salon – that you need good skills, top-quality brands, and the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment – but that’s only half of what makes a first-class business.

Those “working on the business” factors, mentioned above, are important but you also need to know about the “working in the business” factors, such as day-to-day management, dealing with staff, solving problems and delivering opportunities. 

If you know how to work both “on” and “in” the business, then your salon will thrive. If not, it will barely survive in this competitive market.Everyone wants their business to be the best it can be but you need to ask yourself, does yours have a structure and process in place to help it improve, grow or expand at this present moment?

Let me put it another way. If you achieved exactly what you intended by multiplying your market share, doubling revenue, gaining 50 extra customers or 15 new members of staff, could your business cope with that type of success? If not, then you need to have a process and structure in place to support this growth, so you can build, expand and outperform others in your sector.

To become a successful salon in the industry you must lead/manage to:

- Create new strategies to deal with continual change (inside your business)
- Solve problems faster than your competitors
- Deliver on opportunities better than your competitors 
- Structure your business and resources according to current lifecycle position.   

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