HIFU: The ultimate non-invasive alternative for male skin tightening

Published 25th Aug 2023 by PB Admin

When it comes to non-surgical aesthetics treatments, HIFU is a revolutionary solution that provides visible facelift results without the hassle, invasiveness or cost of surgery. As an advanced treatment, HIFU offers a quick and effective way to fight the visible signs of ageing, rejuvenating both facial and body skin to restore a youthful appearance. 

HIFU is gaining much attention from people who are seeking an alternative to a traditional surgical facelift and has become even more popular with male clients. This innovative treatment can achieve impressive results in just one session by using high-intensity focused ultrasound to target specific areas of the face and neck, such as the brow and jawline. It can address concerns like wrinkles, fine lines and loose skin. For optimum results, HIFU can be combined with RF microneedling. 

Chelsee Lewis, a celebrity facialist who uses 3D Aesthetics' HIFU device, said: 3D HIFU is one of the best technologies in the beauty industry, also known as the ‘non-surgical face lift’. As I have a high-end client base, I only offer the best technologies on the market in my clinic. This is definitely one of the most popular treatment offerings with clients who are after a refreshed look wanting to wipe away the years.

Will Fox, a guest from OK! Magazine recently received a 3D HIFU treatment from Emma at The Recharge Room in Stockton on Tees. Here are his thoughts about the experience. 

3D HIFU could be the option for those looking for:

  • An anti-ageing solution
  • Improvement in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Brow and jowl line lifting
  • Treatments for the face and neck
  • A one-off treatment
  • A safe alternative to surgery

How does 3D HIFU work?

The 3D HIFU facelift procedure uses a compact and seamless tool to transmit focused ultrasound energy directly to the treatment area. This energy stimulates the production of fresh collagen in the deep layers of the skin, heating the tissues and prompting a natural skin response that jumpstarts the body's healing process and encourages the creation of collagen and elastin. This technology targets the deep structural layers of the skin where collagen is deposited, bypassing the skin's surface. As a result, the surface of your skin remains unaffected and you can resume your daily activities after the treatment. 

While you may notice some improvement shortly after treatment, the full results typically take three to six months to become apparent. This is because your body will continue to generate new collagen over time. 

Beyond the face – 3D HIFU body sculpting

Although known for its abilities in facial rejuvenation, 3D HIFU can also be used for body sculpting. The 3D HIFU body sculpting treatment reduces stubborn fat pockets and stimulates skin rejuvenation. It delivers ultrasound energy at precise tissue depths, breaking down the fat and triggering collagen renewal. After the first treatment, an immediate visible tightening and lifting effect can be seen. The treatment continues to work for up to several months, further stimulating your collagen production with long-lasting lifting, tightening and fat reduction in the area. 

This story is in partnership with 3D Aesthetics. To learn more about the 3D HIFU device, speak to a member of the 3D Aesthetics team on 01788 550440 or click here.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 25th Aug 2023

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