How can I speed up intimate waxing treatments?

When it comes to delivering a good, efficient Brazilian wax, confidence is the most important factor. You need to be confident in yourself, your technique and the products you use.

To speed up treatment time while still delivering an expert service, practise, practise, practise! The more you do, the more you’ll experience different body shapes and sizes, different hair types and challenges that you need to find your way through.

Get your foundations right. Book yourself in for a one-on-one workshop and ensure you’re using high-quality products. Hard wax should not go brittle and break when you’re removing it,; this takes up time and is also unpleasant for the client. If your hard wax is taking too long to set, then try something like Caronlab Quick Dry Wax Mist, to turn wax touch-dry for quick and easy removal.

Set your trolley up properly with your pre- and post-treatment products hanging from the side and your wax pot at the front. This way there is no need to reach over products to get to the wax, avoiding more clean up. Keep your wax pots turned on throughout the day, even if there are no clients booked in, to avoid losing precious time waiting for the wax to heat up, and make sure you top up your wax pot after every client. Microwavable waxes can save lots of time.

As you perfect these basic but fundamental points, you will reduce the time it takes to perform each treatment while still delivering a waxing experience clients will want to repeat.

Lilliane Caron is owner and director of waxing brands Caronlab Australia and Waxxxpress. Caronlab originated in Caron’s salon in Geelong, Australia, in 1979. She regularly demonstrates her technique to salons and students over the world.