How to put together your salon’s policies and rules

“We need a policy for that” is a phrase often heard in businesses. Policies are our business life lessons. They are documents created to show our journey and how we want our business and its assets to be looked after. 

It’s important to look after the needs of the business and for everyone to understand what they are – from holiday procedures to treatment protocols; it’s a fair way for staff to know where they stand.  

When everyone is following policies and procedures, your organisation will run smoothly, with management structures and teams operating as they are meant to. It also allows for mistakes and hiccups in processes to be quickly identified and addressed. 

Consistency in practices is also good for employees individually. They know what they’re responsible for, what’s expected of them and what to expect from their supervisors and co-workers, freeing them up to do their jobs with confidence and excellence. 

When employees follow procedures, they perform tasks correctly and provide consistent customer service, which enhances the quality of your organisation’s products and services. This, in turn, improves your company’s reputation and employees can know they are fulfilling their roles and take pride in their work.


Where to start

Policies and procedures allow an employer to commit to writing the company’s values and mission, setting standards of behaviour, conduct and performance for staff. It’s also really important to let employees know where they can turn to for help. All policies should have a point of contact for queries relating to that policy so staff know who they can contact with questions.  

Policies and procedures also set out the processes and options available for how any grievance can be addressed in the workplace. As a result, it clearly defines and sets the expectations for employees and provides a source of reference for staff to be able to review and check if they are meeting those expectations. It’s important to make any documents accessible and ensure they are regularly reviewed and updated. 

In addition to setting standards for employees, policies and procedures also set standards for managers. If you’re a salon owner looking to take a side step away from the day to day running of your business then it’s essential to keep your managers up to speed in your absence.

Policies and procedures that are regularly reviewed and updated will assist you in meeting your obligations at law too. For instance, a clear health and safety policy will assist an employer in communicating its obligations to provide a safe workplace and how it will meet those obligations imposed on the business at law.   

There is no doubt that strong policies keep operations from devolving into complete chaos. When your team are following procedures, your salon will use time and resources much more efficiently, letting you grow and become more profitable.

Louise McFadzean is managing director of Zest Skin Spa in Edinburgh and a Professional Beauty Influencer, providing feedback via focus groups.


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