Improving retail sales by 30% when your beauty salon reopens

What are your plans for your beauty salon post-Covid-19? When your salon finally reopens, you really want to hit the ground running, which is why now is the perfect time to formulate a plan of action. 

However, some clients may still feel nervous about coming in for appointments, which is why you should put a strong focus on scaling the retail side of your business as well as your treatment column.

Retail sales are limitless and can generate an endless source of income for your salon, but to do this successfully, you really need to educate your clients.

5 point plan to grow retail sales by 30% when you reopen:

1. Get trained

If you’re not passionate about your products then this will transfer to the client and they won’t be interested either. A lack of passion is often derived from a lack of knowledge or confidence in the brands you work with, so make sure staff members are well trained, and keep it this way with regular in-house trainings. 

Many products houses are offering virtual training during the coronavirus lockdown so take full advantage of this by enrolling your staff.

2. Don't worry about clients' pockets, worry about your own

A common mistake salon owners make is assuming that clients won’t buy your products based on the price, but it is a loss for you and a loss for them if you fail to offer them the opportunity. 

You don’t know their spending power. If they’re not spending with you, then they’re spending with someone else on the quest for a solution. Retail and services need to be driven together. Don't give your client half the package.


3. Find the talent within your business

When you finally reopen, identify the staff member who is most committed to making a sale, and give them the column with the most potential for retailing.  

It’s no use giving your luxury facial treatments to your least motivated therapist, while the more motivated person is on brow shaping and lash tints.

4. Consultation is key

This is where the selling is done – where you plant the seed – so you need to hone these skills before you reopen. Take your team through the key elements of a good consultation on a Skype call as a refresher – telling them why they need to be thorough, why they need to listen well and the importance of being clear in how you address the client. 

Create a consultation checklist for your team of what they need to cover with every client –  how the client can maintain the results at home, explaining the treatment plan for their next visit, and getting them to touch and feel the products you recommended in order to instil a sense of ownership. 

5. Close the sale

Push past the fear of rejection. After discussing your recommendations, your therapists need to be direct and ask the client if they would like to take them home. Keep eye contact when mentioning the price and ask for the sale. It’s all part of the client journey and you could do some online role playing with your team during lockdown to help boost their confidence.  

A far greater percentage of clients are disappointed when they’re not offered aftercare advice and solutions beyond the treatment room than those who aren't buying, and this contributes to them losing faith in you as a solution oriented professional. Those clients will seek that advice elsewhere.

Busi ChambokoBusi Chamboko is a skincare specialist and owner of Second Skin Therapy in London.

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