Debate: is natural and organic really better for your skin?

Looking after your skin isn’t always easy. From city smog and office air conditioning, to blue light exposure, every day we face environmental pollutants that take a toll on skin health.

Over time, the harm caused by environmental pollutants runs more than skin deep. Prolonged exposure can cause cell damage and disrupt the skin’s natural collagen production, in turn leading to premature ageing. 

While we can’t always control our environments, we can control the products clients use on their skin. That’s why after five years of research organic make-up brand Inika Organichas launched its debut skincare line – a 12 product, 100% natural and vegan collection that nourishes the complexion and protects against environmental aggressors.

How is Inika Organic’s skincare range different? 

Comprising of an oil cleanser, exfoliator, micellar water, serum, eye cream, day and night creams (including rich options), hand cream, face oil and rosehip oil, Inika Organic’s skincare range offers complete anti-pollution protection and has 5% proven active ingredients in comparison to other brands at 2%. 

Best of all you can mix-and-match products for clients to build a tailored skincare regimen, and together these products pack a potent botanical punch. True to our ingredient promises, all products are completely natural, cruelty-free and Halal, and contain at least 70% certified organic ingredients. 

Inika skincare product shot

What natural ingredients does the range include? 

Every product in the range is enriched with phytofuse renew (Rose Jericho), a natural hero ingredient that strengthens the skin’s barrier and locks in moisture, and has been scientifically-proven to protect skin from up to 90% of pollution. Other key ingredients include:

Nourishing and protecting your skin is a daily ritual worth celebrating. Take your client’s skincare routine to the next level with Inika Organic’s natural skincare range and watch them enjoy their healthiest, most radiant, skin yet.

Explore Inika Organic’s vegan skincare range.

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Using the highest certified ingredients and strictest processes, Inika Organic products are certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free, halal and 100% non-toxic. 

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