How to make your lash extension business standout

Q: What skills and experience do I need to stand out as a lash technician?

As lash treatments become more popular, so does the demand for good technicians. While technique is vitally important, it is also essential to have good management skills if you want to stand out from the crowd. When I talk about management skills, I am referring to, in particular, managing your time and space and being able to handle conflict.

To manage your time effectively, you should ensure that your lash station is ready before each client arrives. I recommend organising your products in order of use and having a decent stock of products on hand. The last thing you want is to be fixing a client’s lashes only two days after their treatment because you didn’t have enough glue or the correct cleansing product on the day. 

Conflict management is very important. We are not superhuman so even if you try your hardest, you will be unable to make every client happy every single time. If your client is dissatisfied with the treatment for any reason, I recommend three steps to try to resolve the conflict: identify the source of the problem; ask for solutions; then agree an outcome. 

So, talk to your client to ask her expectations and find out her ideal solution; then, come to an agreement. Suggest a discount or free fixing – remember competition is big and you are a professional so it is important that your customer is satisfied. 

Monika KupienMonika Kupien is an experienced and award-winning lash technician based in York. She is an educator for Lash Extend UK as well as a master educator for Nail Harmony UK.

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