Marilyn Monroe named most influential beauty icon from the past

Actress Marilyn Monroe has been named the biggest celebrity beauty icon from the past, found a study by Recreate Yourself (RY).

The pop culture icon, most known for playing blonde bombshells in the 50s, came out on top with more than 191,000 searches seeking beauty inspiration from the actress. Monroe was known for her trademark blonde hair, red lips and beauty mark.

The top 10 celebrity beauty inspirations from the past were found by analysing Google data to discover the A-listers from the past who still influence our beauty regimes today. The research analysed searches across hair, make-up and skincare between April 2020-March 2021.

Top 10 beauty icons who influence our regimes today:

1. Marilyn Monroe – 191,890 searches
2. Twiggy – 165,430
3. David Bowie – 150,900
4. Brigitte Bardot – 145,200
5. Audrey Hepburn – 120,560
6. Sophia Loren - 35,680
7. Bettie Page – 27,250
8. Jane Birkin – 22,900
9. Grace Kelly – 19,510
10. Elizabeth Taylor – 12,170.

Supermodel and style icon Twiggy came second in the ranking. Known for her dramatic lashes and bold white eyeshadow with a contrasting black crease. The model’s mod make-up was so popular that Yardley released the “Twiggy Lashes” for fans to recreate her look at home.

Artist David Bowie was the only man to make the list, with almost 100,000 searches for his makeup looks. Most known for the bright lightning strike across his face for the Aladdin Sane album, Bowie’s bold looks are often recreated.

RY also revealed the most searched celebrities for make-up and skincare.

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