Monochromatic, winged eyeliner and vampy lips top predicted make-up trends for 2022

Monochromatic looks are the top trending make-up looks on social media platform TikTok for 2022, according to research by luxury skincare brand Clarins. 

Expanding on its 2021 Skindex Report, the skincare brand looked at additional research to predict the biggest emerging beauty trends ahead of the New Year, naming the top five make-up trends expected to grow in 2022.

With 2.2 million views on TikTok, monochromatic make-up looks are set to take over in the next few months, with make-up lovers opting to use the same colour on the eyes, lips, and cheeks to create a uniform, monochromatic look. 

Winged eyeliner is set to get an upgrade, with double winged looks taking off with 1.5 million views on the video app, the report found. The look adds a second, lower lid wing to the classic make-up look, opening up the liner and creating a negative space effect. 

For those struggling to even out the wings, the look can be faked by adding white liner to the centre of a thicket wing, creating the illusion of the negative space.

For the colder winter season at the start of 2022, a dark, vampy lip is set to trend, racking up 421.5K views on TikTok. The trend reflects on the rise in the use of deeper burgundy and plum shades in make-up looks, and the resurgence in ’90s-inspired make-up.

Providing an alternative to the double wing trend, “underliner” has also seen 113.7k views on TikTok, as make-up lovers turn their attention to their lower lash line.

Users have been experimenting with this look, with fun bright colours and on-trend jewel tones replacing the go-to black eyeliner, creating a bolder statement look.

Rounding up the top five is the younger sister of the classic cat eye, the “kitten eye”. Following on from “skinimalism” and the less is more approach seen in 2021, the kitten eye provides a subtle and cleaner approach to the cat eye, for a more wearable day-to-day look.

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