PB Webinars: treating menopausal skin and ways to boost profits post-Covid-19

This week’s PB Webinar line-up (October 12–18) delivers free education to help your beauty business to not only survive, but thrive, during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Salon coach Ryan Power will explain how to take your beauty salon’s marketing strategy to another level with ideas that don’t just rely on social media, while industry titan Hellen Ward will explore the ways you can cut costs in salon while also increasing profits during Covid-19. 

Plus, to tie in with World Menopause Day on October 18, facialist Teresa Tarmey reveals how you can successfully treat menopausal skin in your salon or spa. 


What to expect from this week’s PB Webinar line-up (October 12–18):


Wednesday 14 October – 11am – Live webinar with Ryan Power – “Ways to market your salon business that aren’t social media”

In this live webinar, Ryan Power, founder of beauty coaching brand Salonology, will explain the many ways you can market your beauty salon business that aren’t just social media platforms Instagram and Facebook, and he will also cover the do’s and don’ts of getting this type of marketing right. There will be a 15-minute audience Q&A at the end. 

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Friday 16 October – 10am – Facebook Premiere with Hellen Ward – “Cutting costs and increasing profits post-Covid-19”

In this pre-recorded Facebook Premiere, we share with you one of the most popular discussions about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected salon business from our three-day online global networking event PB World.Hellen Ward, PB columnist and managing director of Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa in London, will discuss the cuts salon owners can make during Covid-19 to save money, as well as ways they can increase profits. 

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Sunday 18 October – 11am – Facebook Premiere with Teresa Tarmey – “How to treat menopausal skin”

In this pre-recorded Facebook Premiereto tie in with World Menopause Day (October 18), facialist Teresa Tarmey reveals how to help clients manage menopausal skin, from dealing with hot flushes and sensitivity, to the contraindications to be aware of.Although treatments on menopausal skin are often fine to go ahead with, Tarmey also covers the precautions therapists should take.  

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