PB Webinars: adjusting to the new normal in salon and creating cost-effective spa packages

This week’s PB Webinar line-up (September 14–18) covers important issues for both the spa and beauty salon communities, which is why these sessions are a must watch.

Ye Olde Bell spa director Lizzie Bath will cover how to create spa packages for clients in this Covid-19 world that add value rather than heavily discounting your services, while session tech Liza Smith will explain how you can help your therapy team adapt to the new “normal” in salon. 

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What to expect from this week’s PB Webinar line-up:


Wednesday 16 September – 11am – Live webinar with Liza Smith – “Coping with and adapting to the new ‘normal’ in salon”

Liza Smith, session nail tech and owner of Bodylines salon in Kent, will explain how to adapt to the new “normal” in salon, covering the reasoning behind the Government guidelines (as Smith was involved in advising the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy), how to cope with wearing PPE for long periods of time, and how to keep your team focused amidst the difficulties of lower bookings and possible cuts to their working hours. 

Thursday 17 September – 8pm – Facebook Premiere with Lizzie Bath – “How to create spa packages that add value instead of discounting”

In this Facebook Premiere session, Lizzie Bath, spa director at Ye Olde Bell in Nottinghamshire, reveals how you can get creative when creating spa packages for clients in this Covid-19 world that add value instead of massively discounting what you do. Bath will cover the common do’s and don’ts and share her top tips for getting it right. This session has been pre-recorded.

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