Relationships between clients and therapists strongest in Belfast

Regular salon-goers in Belfast have the strongest bond with their beauty therapist, with 58.3% saying they have an especially strong relationship with the therapist who performs their treatments.

This is followed by Glaswegians at 57.1%, Birmingham residents at 52.5%, those who live in Leeds at 52%, and Londoners at 46.7%.

The research comes from business service provider Liberis, which estimates that around 10 million Brits happily disclose intimate details of their personal life with their therapist or hair stylist, solidifying the unique nature of the bond.

76.6% of the 1,000 UK respondents said they also trust their therapist to deliver treatments to a high standard, though only 26.1% said they had remained loyal to the same beauty salon or hair stylist for more than five years.

However, one in five millennial women said they would only visit one beauty therapist for brow treatments specifically.

Women were found to be almost twice as likely than men to think of their relationship with their beauty or hair provider as good.

Katie Woodland, a psychologist and business coach who consulted on the research, commented: “Often people find that speaking to a hairdresser or beautician about the difficulties they’re experiencing in life is a lot easier than talking to family members or a trained professional.” 

Liberis also looked into beauty treatment search trends in the UK. In March 2019 there were 74,000 searches for “dermaplaning” and 27,100 for “microneedling”, while “LVL lashes” had 33,100 searches and there were 40,500 for “hyaluronic acid”.

Strong client-therapist relationships could be one of the reasons beauty salons are flourishing on UK high streets.