[Updated] Salon Standards Alliance launches two Covid-19 Safe Practices videos

Published 14th Jul 2020 by PB Admin
[Updated] Salon Standards Alliance launches two Covid-19 Safe Practices videos

[Updated] The Salon Standards Alliance (SSA) has now published a second video guide detailing standards and safe practices for re-opening of mobile and home-based businesses, which you can watch here:

On July 13, SSA released a new video guide detailing guidlelines specifically for mobile and home-based professionals. The key takeaways are as outlined below:

Before and during the treatment:

- Reschedule if experiencing  symptoms

- Appropriate PPE to be worn by professional

- Workspace to be cleaned and disinfected

- Maintain social distance from household members

After the treatment:

- Contactless payment

- Workspace cleaned and disinfected

- Rubbish removed from home safely

- Record kept for NHS Test and Trace

The original Salon Standards Alliance (SSA) video guide detailed salon standards and safe practices for re-opening, which you can watch below.

The video was created for the education of consumers and staff on the correct procedures in your salon post-lockdown, with the SSA encouraging experts in the industry to use and share the resource.

The advice covered ranges from widely accepted precautions, such as avoiding unnecessary contact and strict client scheduling, to lesser known concerns, such as clients hanging up their own coats and the banning of clients from wearing watches to salons.

Below, we outline some key takeaways from the video guide:

Precuations upon arrival:

- Appointment will be cancelled if client or professional has symptoms

- Client and professional should wash their hands for 20 seconds

- Client should wear a mask and may be asked to wear a visor

- Professional should work with recommended PPE, which may vary by salon


Precuations upon departure:

- Rebook and pay via contactless methods

- The professional will clean, disinfect and ventilate the salon between clients

- PPE should be disposed in a safe manner

- Hand washing and lotion should be offered before client leaves

- Client information will be updated for Test and Trace purposes


More about the Salon Standards Alliance:

The SSA was created by a group of nail & beauty industry professionals and educators from across the UK & Ireland to help raise awareness and increase confidence for the consumer on what they should expect to see in salons upon reopening.

Led by Sue Davies and supported by multiple teams across the country, the idea to start the alliance began with a wider industry discussion on Marian Newman’s group, Madge’s Chat Show, which included Dutch educator, Tracy Shelverton. Taking note from procedures taken in Dutch countries, Davies believed it would be helpful to produce consumer videos to ease the transition back into reopening salons.

The SSA is curently crowdfunded, requesting donations as little as £1 to help continue making educational video content for salon owners and consumers.

With many salons across the UK now beginning to reopen or make solid plans to do so, read four essential strategies for re-opening you salon.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 14th Jul 2020

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