#FaceValue: help us show Government the value of beauty treatments on the face

Professional Beauty has launched a survey as the first step in a campaign to demonstrate the value of face treatments to the beauty and spa sector. 

With beauty salons and spas now allowed to reopen, but with no indication of when they will be allowed to perform treatments on the face, it is vital that the sector does not get forgotten by Government.  

Professional Beauty Group is working to demonstrate both the value and the safety of treatments for the face and to continue pushing for a confirmed date that all services can resume.

As stage one of the campaign, we are calling on all industry – from salon and spa owners, to therapists, to make-up, lash or brow artists – professionals to do two things:

  1. Share information about your business, confidentially, via our short treatments of the face survey, linked here. to help provide specific statistics about the value of these treatments to beauty and spas businesses and to the wider economy
  2. If your business has reopened, post videos and photos that demonstrate that the industry is operating safely within the current restrictions, using both the #FaceValue and #SalonsAreSafe hashtags and calling for a date for treatments on the face.

The background

On July 9, the Government announced that beauty salons and spas in England could reopen from Monday, July 13, but placed major restrictions on the treatments allowed. No treatments on the face area are permitted, including facials, lash and brow treatments, make-up and many more core services cannot be performed. 

This has left many in the industry still unable to return to work at all, with no new date to work towards and no additional financial support. 

Meanwhile, many of those business that can reopen have been left without their primary income stream. Most beauty salons and spas make the majority of their revenue from treatments on the face area. 

The #FaceValue campaign 

Professional Beauty is launching the #FaceValue campaign to demonstrate the financial value of treatments on the face to those working in the profession, and to the economy as a whole, as well as the value these treatments have for clients’ wellbeing and confidence. 

As the first step in the campaign, please take two minutes to complete our confidential survey as the next step in continuing to push for a reopening date for all beauty and spa services. 

Sharing videos and images of salons and spas now operating safely will also help to show the huge amount of effort and resource that has already gone into planning for a safe reopening and demonstrate how safely treatments on the face could be introduced. Please include both the #FaceValue and #SalonsAreSafe hashtags to help us share these as widely as possible. 

For the latest information on when beauty and spa businesses in each part of the UK can reopen, the treatments allowed, and the guidelines to follow, see our full Coronavirus Resource Guide