Sponsored blog: behind the scenes at Nouveau Lashes’s SVS training course

What to expect from the lash extension training course and what other techs make of it. 

In a culture where most of us don’t get a minute to ourselves, many clients struggle to set aside a few hours for an eyelash extension appointment.

At Nouveau Lashes, we appreciate how important time is to everyone and that’s a part of what formed the ideology behind out new treatment SVS (Speed, Volume and Style). We wanted to create a lash extension treatment where people wouldn’t feel guilty taking a break from their day to relax and indulge in.

What is SVS?
SVS is a unique lash extension treatment which results in a custom lash look tailored individually to each client. It utilises lash extension trends commonly associated with the Russian volume look but is completed in less than half the time.

The treatment launched in September and since then we’ve had hundreds of technicians through our academy doors to become one of the first official SVS technicians worldwide.

What should I expect on SVS training?
As SVS is an advanced technique, trainers will begin the course by giving you a sound foundation of the theory to bring students up to a confident and knowledgeable initial tier. The SVS result is achieved in a shorter timeframe due to our specifically tried and tested technique, so the next tier is a full introduction to everything hands-on.

How did the initial training courses go?
At the last training course trainer Carrie Fuell demonstrated the SVS technique on a model while describing her top tips for mastering the fan technique, explaining how using the “right” tweezers are a major factor when building on your speed and flair. Lash techs then took it in turns to practice on one another.

Our new exclusive lash band vastly improves the time taken from picking up lashes to application and the moveable clip ensures comfort for the technician when positioning adhesive. When speaking to techs on the course it was clear there were varying degrees of experience with creating fans prior to SVS.

As the technicians we’re practising on each other, there was a lot of positive feedback about the treatment as well as the techniques. One delegate said: “Creating the fans was tricky at the start but now after an hour of practice it’s already become a lot easier. I’ve found the technique for me.”


SVS training starts from £399 + VAT with three kit options to choose from. Find out more about the course here.

Written by Beth Thomas, digital executive at Nouveau Lashes