5 tips for making salon videos

Published 17th Apr 2018 by PB Admin
5 tips for making salon videos

Video expert Zara Elliott reveals five ways you can create awesome promotional videos for your salon, the budget that’s needed and what's the best content to produce.

  1. Get on camera

    “To compete with your competition, you need to be on video, you need to be visible. If you don’t hold your hands up and show people you are there then you are just going to get lost,” says Elliott. “Video is a quick way to become more visible and shout about what your business is doing.”

  1. Be resourceful

    “You don’t have to spend a lot of money making videos, it can cost next to nothing – I’ve used my smartphone and tablet before [to record videos],” adds Elliott.

  1. Plan your content

    “It’s good to ask your customers… what videos could I put out that would really help you and that you would find interesting, other than that I think quick skincare and make-up tips, demos, and talking about your services and the latest products that have just been released [would all make good videos],” explains Elliott.

  1. Keep videos short

    “I’d say one to two minutes’ maximum. The trick is to be really focused and plan what you want to include in that video and get your message across in the shortest amount of time, otherwise people just lose interest in wanting to watch it,” says Elliott.

  1. Make editing easy

    “Lots of computers come with free editing software so it’s good to see what you’ve got and do some research online. A lot of companies offer free workshops if you use their software, so there’s plenty of advice out there,” explains Elliott.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 17th Apr 2018

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