Top tips for perfecting your facial waxing technique

Waxer Tracey Smith shares her top tips for getting facial waxing treatments right, covering the common troubleshooting issues and what type of wax is best to use

Waxing expert Tracey Smith shares her best facial waxing advice and breaks down some of the common no-no’s to help you perfect the service in salon every time.

“A good consultation prior to waxing is key. Check if your client is on any medication as retinoids, acne medication and chemical peels can all sensitise the skin,” says Smith.  

The cleansing step is key, she says to “cleanse the skin before waxing with an alcohol-free pre-wax cleanser”, and explains how, “face creams, make-up and natural oils in the skin will stop the waxes from adhering as well as they could.”

“Use talc-free powder before applying your wax as this will really help you to grab every last hair. Peelable or hot wax is preferable to strip wax for the face. It’s kinder to the skin, plus, you can go over the same area more than once.”

Remember, “when you repeat your application, go against the hair growth as this will get out every last hair,” she says. “Paint the wax on firmly with your spatula to really coat each hair.

“Wax the face first, before other body parts, as this gives the skin time to settle down. Then, apply a soothing facial after-wax cream, preferably with sun protection or a hair retardant to slow down the hair regrowth.”

And finally, “tell the client not to touch the area after it’s been waxed and send them home with a sample of your post-wax cream,” she adds. “Also, tell them not to shower, go swimming, or use saunas or sunbeds afterwards.”

Tracy Smith is director of waxing brand Ashmira Botanica. She has more than 30 years’ industry experience.

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