UK beauty consumers still favour in-person vs online shopping

44% of Brits prefer an in-person experience when making a new beauty or cosmetics purchase, while less than a quarter (24%) choose to shop online, according to new research.  

39% of generation Xers in the UK prefer buying beauty products in-store, compared with 33% of gen Z and 28% of millennials, found market researcher Piplsay

Just under half of UK consumers (47%) prefer to buy their beauty products from established brands, with only 7% making their purchases from emerging brands and start-up companies

Other consumers turn to private-label products (28%) and luxury or premium brands (18%) to get their beauty fix. 

When it comes to the products being purchased, only 38% of people said they read carefully about the ingredients and their composition. Just over a quarter (26%) stated that they don’t read the ingredients in their products carefully at all.

A fifth of consumers said that they do not believe products which claim to be natural, organic, or vegan are, with just 17% believing brands who make these claims.

The research also revealed the categories consumers have spent the most money on in the last year, with 20% spending the most on face care products, and just 3% of people spending the most on nail care.  

17% spent the most on body care products, and 13% of shoppers spent most of their money on make-up products. 

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