5-minute everyday make-up routine for time-poor clients

For many clients, a busy schedule can make it difficult to find time to spend on themselves. As their make-up artist, you can help clients look and feel their best every day with a simple five-minute make-up routine that will give them a dewy glow with minimal effort.


Inika Organic reveals its simple five-minute make-up routine for time-poor clients:

1. Prep skin with the right primer

A good skincare ritual is the first step in any make-up routine, so make sure your client is following a routine that’s suitable for their skin type. Then, teach them how to prepare their skin for make-up by massaging in a hydrating primer. 

For normal to dry skin, Inika Organic’s Pure Perfection Primer hydrates skin while creating a smooth canvas for make-up; whereas oily skin types should opt for the Matte Perfection Primer, which gives a hit of hydration while maintaining an on-trend matte finish.  

Ingredients liquorice and rice extract help maintain oil balance, while certified organic willow bark extract calms redness and soothes irritation.

2. Use concealer as your base

A full coverage concealer is an easy and quick way to address skincare concerns, such as dark undereye circles and blemishes, without having to do a full base. 

Enriched with certified organic shea butter and sunflower seed and sweet almond oil, Inika Organic’s Full Coverage Concealer has a rich, creamy formula that builds easily.For an airbrushed finish, add a hydrating Organic BB Cream

3. Add definition with a lip and cheek cream

Now that your client has got their base sorted, it’s time to teach them how to add colour to create a rosy, healthy glow. Using clean fingertips, get them to add a touch of Lip and Cheek Cream to highlight their features. 

Multi-tasking products are the secret to a quick and easy make-up routine. Get your client to build up the colour on their cheeks, eyelids and lips until they’re happy with the intensity.

4. Tame those brows

Today, brows are an essential part of a natural make-up look and the key to looking done without applying too many products.  

Teach your clients how to use a creamy Brow Pencil to fill in their brows to define the shape, before using a spoolie to brush them upwards with short, sweeping strokes. 


5. Make the eyes pop with mascara

To finish the look, get your client to apply a generous coating of a Long Lash Vegan Mascara to boost length, volume and span, without going over the top. Inika Organic’s mascara is made with 100% natural ingredients, including carnauba wax, magnolia bark extract and vitamin E. 

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Using the highest certified ingredients and strictest processes, Inika Organic products are certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free, halal and 100% non-toxic. 


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