Crystal healing: why it should be on your spa's treatment menu

Crystals and precious metals have been used throughout history as a healing method to cure both mental and physical ailments. The Egyptians used such materials in their everyday lives to promote protection and health, and this thinking has been passed down through the eras – I mean, a quarter of Brits now use holistic therapies to aid their mental health

Today, these ideas are gaining traction again, especially in the beauty and wellbeing sector, with stones and crystals being used to heal physical and mental statesonce more. Here’s what you need to know about incorporating them into your treatment menu. 

How do crystals aid wellness?

The basis of crystal healing and gemstone therapy is based on the idea that everything is composed of energy, and that the energy of crystals resonates with human beings to create a positive desired reaction. 

This is a great basis for spa treatments that want to promote wellness and relaxation, and there are various ways crystals can be incorporated into your menu. Crystal wands, for example, can be used in face and body massages. Let the customer choose the wand they are most drawn to, as this will tell the therapist what it is that they need more of in their lives, and then use it in treatment to realign their energy. 

For example, if a guest picked rose quartz then it means they’re looking for more security or are feeling the need to manifest a more loving and forgiving quality, whereas if they picked sapphire then it means they want more clarity, which will aid their problem-solving abilities.

Therapists could also use crystal elixirs, which are created when gemstones and crystals are left to infuse with water and oils. These mediums become imprinted within the particular stone’s vibrational energy and when absorbed during treatment, the body responds positively to the crystal’s energy. 

A laying of crystals at the end of a relaxing massage is another way to enhance a client’s experience. This ritual involves placing stones at the energy centres of the body, which in turn match with the chakra points – the therapist should lay stones that correspond in colour to the chakra point it is placed on.  

This supports the natural healing process and relieves stress, sharpening concentration, aiding personal growth and enhancing inner harmony and balance. 

Lucy Dunn is events administrator for The Old Course Hotel, St Andrews in Scotland, whose Kohler Waters Spa won Residential Spa of the Year: 11 Rooms or More at the 2019 Professional Beauty Awards