Lash lifts vs lash extensions: the differences

Published 22nd Aug 2018 by PB Admin
Lash lifts vs lash extensions: the differences

Thinking about training up in either lash lifts or lash extensions? Natalie Piper, business development manager for The Eyelash Design Company, which manufactures Lash Perfect, reveals what it takes to specialise in the treatments. 

What is a lash lift?

“A lash lift is a natural eyelash treatment [where you] restructure the natural hair to give it a lift or a curl. The advantage of [this treatment] is that clients don’t have to wear mascara and it makes their lashes look more defined,” says Piper. 


What are lash extensions?

“A lash extension treatment is where you apply individual, synthetics lashes onto the client’s natural lashes. The advantage of [this treatment] is not having to wear mascara and giving a more glamourous look. Plus, you’re enhancing what the client has naturally. Lash extensions last anywhere before four to six weeks,” explains Piper.  


Who are the treatments suitable for?

“Both treatments are suitable for most clients. The advantage of lash extensions is that if a client has very small or fine natural lashes, it will give them more volume. With a lash lift, it’s great because it’s a more natural-looking finish and clients can clean their lashes with their normal skincare products,” says Piper. 


What are the common troubleshooting issues with these services?

“With lash lifts, the only problem tends to be with people deciding on the developing time and making sure they pull the lashes up to get a really nice lift. It does vary; when the client’s lash hair is much stronger you need to develop it for slightly longer,” explains Piper. 

“Troubleshooting with lash extensions tends to be people wanting to be quicker at the treatment almost immediately. You just need to practice as much as possible; the more you do the treatment, the faster you become.”


What are the profit margins for lash extensions?

“It really does vary in regards to lash extensions because it depends on how many lashes you’re using per treatment – whether a client has a full, half or partial set. As such, the quantity of lashes you use will vary. For Lash Perfect Classic [it costs] between £3 and £4.50 to do the treatment, with a recommended treatment price of anywhere between £45 and £150 – depending on area,” says Piper. 


What are the profit margins for lash lifts?

“For the Lash Perfect Lash Lift, the product cost is between £6 to £7 and that would be for everything you need to do the treatment. The recommended retail price is between £35 and £55. You’ve got a really healthy profit margin,” explains Piper.  

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Published 22nd Aug 2018


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