The lowdown on Lash Perfect's new Lash Lift treatment

Lash Perfect Lash Lift

Lash Perfect launched its Lash Lift this summer following more than a year of development. Parent company The Eyelash Design Company developed it to offer an alternative to its established lash extension treatment and says it’s great for clients who have naturally straight lashes.

We quiz Eyelash Design Company co-founders Beverley Piper and Christina Jenkins about Lash Perfect's new Lash Lift and who this treatment is perfect for.

What sets the Lash Perfect Lash Lift apart from similar services?

Christina Jenkins: “We know this isn’t a new service but we wanted to bring to the market something that was different from what was already out there. Our curvature rod gives a choice of curls, because one doesn’t fit all, so the look can be tailor-made.”

Who’s the perfect client for the Lash Lift?

Beverly Piper: “This sits with natural lash treatments like tinting or express lashes. You can also do a Lash Lift for a regular extensions client if they want a break, and they can still have recognisable lashes.” Jenkins: “Not every client wants lash extensions or can afford them.”

How long should clients wait between appointments?

Piper: “Eight weeks – the average natural lash growth cycle. You don’t want to be applying the products again over the top of an existing Lash Lift because you’d be doubling up on the chemicals.”

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