3 reasons why your clients don’t come back (and how to turn it around)

Have you ever wondered why you never see some clients again? Salon software provider Timely has interviewed hundreds of beauty clients from around the world to find out what stops them from rebooking, and the survey has revealed some harsh truths. 

Here are the top three reasons why clients don't come back and how you can change their minds:

1. Botched services/treatments

We’ve all heard the horror stories and it seems 62% of people surveyed won’t go back to a business if they’re unhappy with the treatment quality. 

How to turn it around: 

Do – Be honest if you or one of your colleagues has made a mistake. Offer to fix it free of charge and suggest a discount on their next service, too. 

Don’t – Be rude if something goes wrong. A sincere apology will go a long way.

Do – Train your staff to manage client complaints and have a clear escalation point in the business if things go wrong. 

2. Booking woes

If it’s difficult for clients to make an appointment because you don’t have an online booking option or your phone is always busy, then they might give up and go elsewhere. 

More than 22% of respondents told Timely that ease of booking is a key reason for staying with a salon, with one respondent stating: “If it’s hard to book [with them] then it starts the journey with a bad taste.”

How to turn it around:

Do – Offer seamless online booking so clients can book, rebook and edit their appointments themselves, at a time that suits them. Timely's online booking integrates with your business’s Facebook, Instagram and website.

Don’t – Be too rigid with your appointment times. Survey your clients to understand popular booking times and adjust your staff rosters accordingly. 

Do – Be flexible. Send an SMS to your clients (Timely has a built-in SMS service) when last-minute cancellations crop up. 

3. Rush, rush, rush

It’s obvious to clients when you and your staff are overwhelmed. The quality of service slips, appointments run behind and the customer feels undervalued – they deserve better.  

One survey respondent said: “It's nice to not feel rushed at the end, so the therapist doesn't feel pressured to get you out and the person at the front counter has time for a chat.” 

How to turn it around:

Do – Get full visibility of your schedule and spot opportunities to gain time efficiencies. With Timely’s calendar management software it’s never been easier to get a handle on your schedule. 

Don’t –Forget that your clients come to you to unwind and relax. Rushing them through their treatment will leave them feeling undervalued.

Whether it’s online booking or automated appointment reminders, Timely has all the tools to make delivering an exceptional experience effortless. Start your free 14 day trial now

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