Why you should learn make-up artistry at an academy instead of YouTube

Make-up artistry is a craft best learned from MUAs who have the knowledge and experience of working in the beauty industry – they can put you on the path to success, something a YouTube tutorial cannot do. 

I believe that professional and accredited make-up schools are the way to go if you’re serious about becoming a successful make-up artist. YouTube doesn’t teach you good hygiene and these days clients are more aware of unqualified artists double dipping mascara wands and not cleaning brushes.  

Plus, if you’ve got all of your make-up knowledge from social media then there’s a good chance you’re missing out on some key information, like what works for different face shapes and how to express your individuality. Somewhere along the line people have started doing the same type of make-up look but that “look” won’t suit everyone.

Make-up is supposed to be tailored to your client and their features, and you only learn this skill at a proper school. For example, YouTubers don’t cover what to do when you come across skin problems or allergies. A professional MUA can teach you how to build your kit and explain the issues of hygiene and cross-contamination, which is very important. 

A professional education will also see you trained up on the business side of things too, like how to start your own company, work in a fast-paced environment, build your clientele, the important insurance marketing and branding you’ll need, and how to set up contracts.

When my brides look for potential artists, one of the first things they check are the provider’s credentials. Sure, a great portfolio might land you a few bookings here and there, but a certification from a professional, high-end make-up school will help you build a career with a lifetime of earning potential.

If you’re seriously considering being a professional make-up artist and making a career out of it then my advice to you is invest in yourself, do it right and receive the confidence and experience that only a certified make-up school can offer. 

Clare Pearson is owner of Clare Pearson Hair & Make-up in Oban, Argyll, and a PB Influencer, providing feedback via focus groups. 

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