How to attract millennials to your beauty salon

What are younger customers looking for? Your beauty salon caters to a variety of clients from all walks of life whose needs are known to you and your staff. However, there’s one group that’s more difficult to reach than the rest – millennials.

This group looks for the best services at affordable prices, and on top of it all, wants it to be convenient. So, why is it more difficult to reach out to them? The answer is simple – you and your team need to “speak their language”.

Three things you should do if you’re looking to reel in more millennial clients:

1. Create a social presence

Your salon may be known to locals but if you lack a Facebook page or website then you are missing a substantial number of potential clients, especially the younger ones.

Millennials will most often look up a business on social media before booking a service. If your business is lacking a presence, chances are potential clients will go to your competition.

2. Convenience

We live in a fast-paced society, where we rarely have time to even wait for coffee to brew, so why should booking a service take so long? Most people would be discouraged if they had to call a salon to book a service, only to leave a voicemail or send a booking request without hearing back.

For fast-paced clients, implementing an online booking option with 24/7 access is the best option.

3. Inclusiveness

Most salons pride themselves on great treatments, customer service and friendly staff. However, client inclusiveness is often overlooked. Young customers want to leave your salon feeling as though they are a part of your business – not just a number.

Bring them closer to your business by implementing a loyalty programme. With it in place, create loyalty campaigns and reward clients for their purchases and referrals with points, which they can use to obtain prizes at the salon.

Before you launch your latest client-attracting offer, let Versum modernise your salon, making it more appealing to a younger target audience. Visit Versum and try the system for free.

Slawo Gawlowski is business development manager for Versum, which provides salon software management systems for 26,000 hair and beauty professionals.

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