Sustainability, veganism and simplified routines driving beauty industry growth

Published 29th Apr 2022 by PB Admin
Sustainability, veganism and simplified routines driving beauty industry growth

Weekly make-up usage has fallen 28% and demand for sustainable and vegan products has grown, according to a new study by data analytics company Kantar. 

A new study has revealed how Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns and the related work from home culture shift have transformed the beauty market.  

The data shows a decrease in the weekly use of cosmetics in every market globally, with weekly usage down an average of 28% versus pre-pandemic levels and down 31% vs five years ago, as women choose simpler routines. 

The study also identified that more consumers are buying fewer products but are choosing higher quality, longer-lasting and easy-to-apply options. 

The increase in premium beauty product usage has helped the market recover to pre-pandemic levels of revenue, said Kantar.

‘On Trend: The evolving beauty consumer’ analysed the purchase habits of more than 300,000 individuals and households in 20 countries and women’s daily usage habits across seven major economies. 

There has also been an increased focus on eye make-up, which may be a consequence of face mask wearing during the pandemic.

Growth in vegan and sustainable beauty

Natural and vegan cosmetics continue to grow in popularity as the world becomes more conscious of ingredients and sustainability in the beauty products they buy:

  • Consumers purchasing naturally produced ingredients in face and body products grew from, on average, 18% of sales in 2017 to 24% of sales in 2021.
  • Environmentally conscious consumers are also willing to pay extra for sustainable and natural products, as mirrored in the ‘Who Cares, Who Does’ study. Eco-active households spend more than the average household on beauty products.

Ashley Kang, global beauty director at Kantar, said: “Our study underlines an opportunity for beauty brands to understand the lifestyle changes triggered by the pandemic and, therefore, the evolution in needs in consumers’ lives. 

“Although consumers are seeking simpler routines and a ‘natural’ look, this does not mean they will suddenly move away from the category. 

She added, “Consumers will binge on various products that respond to their changing demands. In the skincare category, ‘sustainability’, ‘natural’, ‘derma’ are some of the many routes to ‘premiumise’ globally. 

“Make-up will continue to be challenged for some time. Convenience is now key; long-lasting products will enjoy success. 

“In these economically challenging times, it’s not that consumer won’t spend, but rather they will spend more wisely, making the most out of their spending power, whether that be to make their life simpler, to address their values or to binge on their aspiration.”

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 29th Apr 2022

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