Guest blog: the reasons for thinning eyebrows and the treatments that can help

Fine brow

Emma Apps, international trainer for The Eyelash Design Company and HiBrow Expert, explains why people suffer from thinning brows and the treatment options available to clients.   

Brows can get thinner over time due to all kinds of reasons – stress, lifestyle and diet. Age can also be a factor, as hair can become coarse or thinner due to lack of elasticity.

However, there are several ways you can help clients achieve fuller brows, from offering advice on growth techniques to tinting and disguising using brow powders. You can also introduce the concept of semi-permanent solutions such as microblading.  

Best growth techniques

To fill out sparse brows clients need to let them grow out as much as possible as there may be hairs they are removing which could be encouraged into the rest of the brow.

Using a growth serum will help nourish and care for the hair. Look for products that contain caffeine, which will help to encourage growth; keratin, which will help strengthen hair; and panthenol, which will help hydrate and nourish. 

The deal with tinting

Microblading The Eyelash Design Company

Image: ©The Eyelash Design Company 

Tinting can help define the brow and pick up, and darken, soft, downy hairs in the brow. These are often fine, fair or blonde. Tinting them will give a subtle fullness to the brow.

How brow powders work 

A brow powder is one of the best methods for disguising thinning brows. Filling brows with a powder gives a soft but full effect that also looks very natural.

For any areas that need a little extra colour, I suggest applying a specially designed wax pencil as this will help the brow colour adhere, boosting colour and longevity.

Permanent solutions available

Microblading before and after

Image: Microblading before and after/©The Eyelash Design Company 

To give clients the shape they want without having to draw it on every day you could suggest they try the treatment microblading.

Microblading is the art of applying semi-permanent colour to the eyebrow with an incredibly fine sterile blade. Tiny precision hair strokes are drawn delicately onto the brow area to create a perfectly shaped eyebrow that can last up to 18 months.

With care and the correct training, you can create fine curved hair strokes which give a more natural appearance than regular semi-permanent make-up. Every hair is drawn individually allowing you to build a completely unique look for your client.

For more information on Lash Perfect’s microblading treatment, click here.