PB Upskills (March 15–19): webinars to help your salon or spa reopen successfully

Our PB Upskills programme for March 15–19 is focused on helping your salon, spa, clinic or home/mobile-based beauty business reopen as strong as possible post-coronavirus lockdown. 

Topics we will cover include how to mentally prepare yourself and your team for reopening and the tools to put in place to maintain your mental wellness; how to secure treatment bookings now to make sure you’re fully booked when you can open your doors again; and 10 ways to boost your website presence to gain new revenue.

We will also discuss how to empower and motivate your therapists on reopening and get them to take ownership of their own performance, as well as a skin school special on how to effectively treat hyperpigmentation on all skin types.  


What to expect from our PB Upskills series (March 15–19):


Monday 15 March – 10am – Facebook Premiere with Tom Chapman, Sam Pearce and Tammy Koslowski – “Wellbeing matters: techniques to look after yourself and your team” 

In this pre-recorded webinar from our online event PB World (which took place on February 28–March 2), we discuss the wellbeing techniques to use to help look after yourself and your team during the coronavirus pandemic. We cover why looking after your mental health is so important, the tools available to help you and your team maintain mental wellness, and what steps to put in place now to help your team be mentally ready for reopening. 

Our panel includes Tom Chapman, founder of The Lions Barber Collective and creator of mental health training BarberTalk; Sam Pearce, founder of Low Ears – an initiative helping to safeguard the mental health of the beauty industry; and Tammy Koslowski, founder of Naf! Salon, which has a large team. Please note that this is a pre-recorded session. 

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Tuesday 16 March – 10am – Business Skills Live with Hellen Ward and Gavin Hoare – “How to manage customer change”

Sponsored by: Phorest Salon Software

With salons gearing up for reopening, Richard Ward Hair & Metro Spa’s managing director, Hellen Ward, and salon manager, Gavin Hoare, will explain how to adapt your approach to meet the demands of the 2021 salon client. This live session, sponsored by Phorest Salon Software, will also cover how to use technology to empower and motivate your team, enabling them to take ownership of their client relationships and, ultimately, their own performance.

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Tuesday 16 March – 1pm – Tough Talk – “Live with Helene Bramwell, founder of The Mask Skin & Body Clinic”

In this week’s Tough Talk live, Professional Beauty’s managing director Mark Moloney chats to Helene Bramwell, founder of The Mask Skin & Body Clinic in Johannesburg, about running a beauty business successfully for 50 years and what you have to do as an owner to stay relevant for that amount of time in the industry. Moloney will also ask Bramwell about the secrets to her success and the challenges she has faced over the years. 

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Wednesday 17 March – 12pm – Practical Skills Live with Dr Raquel Amado, Sarah Hurst and Maria Rylott-Byrd – “Treating hyperpigmentation on different skin types”

In this Practical Skills Live, we get to grips with treating hyperpigmentation on clients of all skin tones, covering why hyperpigmentation occurs, the different types and symptoms, common causes and how to effectively treat the condition on all Fitzpatrick skin types. 

Our panel includes skincare experts from The Skin Collaborative – an online platform that aims to educate the general public on their skin and the best way to care for it. They are: Dr Raquel Amado, aesthetic medicine doctor, skin specialist and clinic owner in Kent; Sarah Hurst, advanced skin therapist and clinic owner in East Sussex; and Maria Rylott-Byrd, facialist and clinic owner based in Buckinghamshire. There will be a 10-minute audience Q&A at the end. 

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Thursday 18 March – 12pm – Business Skills Live with Marisa Dimitriadis – “How to get fully booked before your doors reopen”

In this Business Skills Live, co-founder of Spa Professionals Guild, Marisa Dimitriadis, will explain how to secure treatment bookings now that allow you to reopen your salon or spa doors with your appointment book already full for a month – or even two months. She will also cover how to communicate with clients and develop a VIP list, creating exclusivity that leads to bookings, and how to upsell using a personalised approach to increase your average spend. There will be a 10-minute audience Q&A at the end. 

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Friday 19 March – Lockdown Lessons article – “10 ways to get your beauty salon on the digital map”

In this written article, marketing specialist and owner of Salondipity Kate Woods explains 10 ways you can boost your beauty salon or spa’s online presence, covering important factors such as search engine optimisation (SEO), Google My Business listings, the value of review sites, being consistent with your NAP and much more.

These are important things to think about during coronavirus lockdown so your website is optimised for when you reopen. 

This article will be going live at 9am.

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