Laura Mclever - speaker at the PSW Convention

We chat to Laura Mclever, Vice President and General Manager, Miraval Arizona, about the Professional Spa & Wellness Convention panels, why networking events matter, and which are the most important industry issues right now.

- What made you interested in speaking as part of the Wwllness in Action: Leading Pogrammes to Guide Guests Towards Optimal Health session?
I was honoured to be invited to speak on this panel. The topic is of course directly related to what we have done at Miraval for 20 years and it's exciting to be able to share that with a broad audience.

- How would you describe your presenting style?
I am an approachable speaker and try to engage the audience as much as I can.

- What makes a good presentation at an event like this? What does the speaker need to deliver to make it worth the audience's time and money?
The presentation need to be relevant to the audience, speak to best practices and give the audience something that is useful to their owen business.

- What do you plan to cover in your presentation?
Mindfulness is at the heart of what we do at Miraval. We have been leaders in the mindfulness philosophy for over 20 years and are now seeing a wordwide surge in interest in the concept. In my presentation, I will focus on how mindfulness can be brought into all aspects of wellness programmes and how our guests benefit from this in mind, body and spirit.

- How often do you speak at industry events like the Professional Spa & Wellness Convention?
I speak at events a few times a year. It's sometimes a challange to find time to get away from Miraval but it's worth it for the opportunity to network with like-minded business people.

- Why are events like this conevntion important for our sector?
They bring people together from such a variety of amazing places and diverse businesses. It's great to be able to see things from different perspectives and understand what is new and exciting in the wellness space.

- Which are the most important spa and wellness industry issues at the moment?
At one time there were very few "traditional" resorts, hotels and fitness clubs that added aspects of wellness to their offering. As meditation, yoga and the like have grown more mainstream, more competitors have emerged in the market. Those of us who truly live and breathe wellness and mindfulness find that this new range of option can be confusing to the consumer and distract them from going to a fully-fledged wellness destination.

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